Friday, May 25, 2012

Chinese Toolbox 2012 (

It's been a couple weeks now since the last program update, and it looks like the initial 2012 release has stablized at version No problems have been reported, and I have not found any new problems myself. Recently, most of my effort has gone into the Chinese Toolbox website. I've been doing a LOT of writing, and I'm pleased with how the website is taking shape. I'd love to give it a more professional look, and over time, this will come. I'm satisfied now that most of the needed documentation is there.

I am now beginning to turn my attention to the next release, version Recently, I've become more aware of the fairly urgent need to allow multiple installations of Chinese Toolbox for each purchased READER license. So in addition to improving search functionality and enabling editing of the word dictionary (especially adding new entries), I will make changes to the licensing design to allow for, probably, three Chinese Toolbox installations per READER license. When Chinese Toolbox 12.1 is finally released, all who own a READER license will immediately have access to the additional installations.

Regarding the new Perpetual Trial: Since the release of Chinese Toolbox 2011, it has always been possible to extend trial usage by simply launching the program under a different logon account. Recently, I decided to make this more public, even teaching people how to go about doing it. I understand that not everyone is able to financially support the Chinese Toolbox project, but I do hope that everyone who wants to learn to read Chinese will choose to use Chinese Toolbox. Licensing options for Chinese Toolbox will improve over time, and features in Chinese Toolbox READER will gradually become available in Chinese Toolbox FREE. The Perpetual Trial is one step in this direction, allowing more people to use Chinese Toolbox who would otherwise be unable to do so.

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