Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tutorial Videos Now Available on YouTube

No doubt, many have had difficulty understanding the Chinese Toolbox interface and way of doing things. Anyone expecting to see mouse-over functionality may have been disappointed after only one launch. The lack of mouse-over functionality is not an oversight. I considered a touch, or keyboard, interface far superior to having to keep your hand on the mouse while reading a Chinese document.

Lots of documentation on how to use Chinese Toolbox has not been the solution. Who has the time to read so much!? Well, hopefully, a few videos will do the job. I've released two videos on YouTube that should begin to set the path straight, and several more are coming. If you just don't get the Chinese Toolbox way, then you really need to check out these videos. After only a few minutes, you'll understand how to use Chinese Toolbox to read Chinese documents.

The Getting Started video is available at
The Document Navigation video is available at

There's a new Video page at the Chinese Toolbox website; it will list all the tutorial videos as they become available. Check it out at

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chinese Toolbox 2012 (12.1) is now released!

I'm happy to report on the release of Chinese Toolbox 2012, version This has been six months in the making, and is the best Chinese Toolbox ever, both in features and stability. The nagging problem of word dictionary editing is finally solved, and I think you will like the solution--complete control over the content of your word dictionary in an easy-to-understand interface. Improved Reader navigation controls and document state retention (page and character selection) make it easy to move around a document or switch between up to 1000 different documents. See What's New for a good description of all the new features and changes in Chinese Toolbox 12.1, or check out the Summary of Changes for a concise list of all the new changes.