Saturday, July 11, 2009

I want to thank everyone who has downloaded and begun using Chinese Toolbox FREE (CTF). After making a few contacts, posting at a couple forums, and registering with some software download sites, the activity at has really picked up. The CTF downloads are now into the hundreds, and overall, I am very pleased.

Though this "getting the word out" activity has just begun, I now need to focus most of my attention on the next release. Before elaborating on the next release, however, let me mention last month’s accomplishments.

After releasing CTF 9.1.1 in May, two problems kept nagging at me: One was the version number. I actually didn’t notice the significance of the 9.1.1 version number until right around publishing time. The second problem was the “Unknown publisher” message that appeared when beginning the CTF installation. The more I thought on it, the more I felt that someone wouldn’t try my software just because of a freakin’ “Unknown publisher” message. Something had to be done.

I learned about code signing and certificate authorities. I found one company for the code signing certificate that seemed to match my needs. After making payment for the code signing certificate, the verification process began where I had to submit a number of documents to prove my identity. This process continued for almost a week. It was quite an experience, one that I do not wish to repeat any time soon.

Once the code signing certificate was issued, I re-release Chinese Toolbox FREE as version 9.1.2. This solved both the version number problem and the “Unknown publisher” problem.

Responding to my post at, one guy mentioned he couldn’t install the program on a 64-bit version of Vista. That led me down the path of installing and testing Chinese Toolbox FREE on a Windows Vista 64-bit edition. The program ran perfectly, so I re-released the installer package again as Chinese Toolbox FREE 9.1.2b with no changes to the program itself, only to the installer with the 64-bit installation restriction removed.

After a short 4-day vacation with the family to the southern tip of Taiwan (Kenting), I’m back working on the next Chinese Toolbox release.

As mentioned on the Upcoming Release page, there are a number of very interesting features on my list for the next release. This next release will be a more advanced product called Chinese Toolbox READER (CTR). It’s hallmark will be the word dictionary, but there will be many other very significant improvements over Chinese Toolbox FREE.

When I look back at my development history, and then I look at the list of features to be developed for CTR, I realize this might take a while. After releasing the first version of CTF in August 2007, it took me about twenty months to release the second version. Add to this the time developing 9.1.1, 9.1.2, and 9.1.2b, and it comes to two months shy of two years.

Instead of waiting half a year for the next release (even this may be overly optimistic), the solution I have in mind will be a few prereleases: one or two alpha releases and maybe the same number of beta releases. An alpha release will be one where development is still on-going. Once all features have been developed, a beta version will be released with focus on testing. Though the final Chinese Toolbox READER will be a pay product, the alpha and beta releases will be free. Anyone desiring to download and use a prerelease of Chinese Toolbox READER will only need to agree to provide feedback.

Through the prereleases, I will be able to provide more timely updates of the software. Those using my software will benefit by having free access to the newest Chinese Toolbox tools.

Crossing my fingers, I’m hoping to have Chinese Toolbox READER ready by the end of this year. I may or may not simultaneously release an updated version of Chinese Toolbox FREE. This decision will come later.

Finally, since you haven’t yet seen any of the more advanced features of CTR, it may be a little early to ask. But whenever you do have some impression, I’d like to hear what you think would be a fair and reasonable charge for Chinese Toolbox READER. You can email me at Once Chinese Toolbox READER is released, Chinese Toolbox FREE will continue to be available.