Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The promotional release of Chinese Toolbox READER (version is finally out the door! In addition to the features of Chinese Toolbox FREE, Chinese Toolbox READER features the long-awaited integration of a word dictionary.

The word dictionary is a feature I've wanted for at least seven years, since 2002. After the release of Chinese Toolbox FREE 9.1.2b in July 2009, I was finally able to set aside time to focus on integration of a word dictionary. I am pleased to announce that the CC-CEDICT word dictionary from is now integrated into Chinese Toolbox READER The CC-CEDICT dictionary is community supported, so as new entries are added to the dictionary, these can be easily incorporated into Chinese Toolbox READER.

In August I had planned to do a few Alpha and Beta releases of Chinese Toolbox READER. Before the end of the first week in September, I reversed that decision, deciding to put more effort into testing and release a stable version of the product. The result is Chinese Toolbox READER

So now I've got two free Chinese Toolbox products. Currently, there's no reason to use Chinese Toolbox FREE over Chinese Toolbox READER. All of my recent development has gone into Chinese Toolbox READER, so it is the more advanced of the two products. In early 2010 the promotional period for Chinese Toolbox READER will end, at which time some may choose to use Chinese Toolbox FREE. But at less than $30 per year, it's hard to imagine someone still wanting to use Chinese Toolbox FREE when Chinese Toolbox READER supports an integrated word dictionary, besides the features yet to be developed for the 2010 release. Still, Chinese Toolbox FREE will continue to be available.